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Kisses are a pop duo from LA who started releasing music in 2010. Word on the street is that these two beautiful individuals were recently joined in holy matrimony, and after listening to their music I can see why. Somewhere along their extensive tour schedule playing intimate low-lit gigs, belting their chest-beating/eat-your-heart-out melodies in unison and staring deeply across the stage into each others’ eyes, they connected. It certainly sowed the seeds of my love of them as well. Kisses maintain an esthetic standard with rock-steady consistency throughout their releases, making for a smooth, top-down cruise all the way to the pleasure center of you brain (nucleus accumbans, if you were wondering). With low-end vocals not common in today’s indie world, old school synth mods, authentic reverb, and some of the most robust bass lines around, these guys boast perfect poolside jams. When possible, Kisses is best enjoyed wearing shades and a partly-buttoned Hawaiian shirt, with one hand on the wheel and the other around the tanned shoulders of the new babe in town.

Check out their 2 solid LPs “The Heart of the Nightlife” and this year’s “Kids in L.A.”. Oh, and keep your heart strong, love long, and give kisses when you can.

Favourite track: Kisses (… I’ll be at the beach if you need me.