Local Natives

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Local Natives are a 5-piece indie rock band based out of LA since 2009. You know how you have that friend who is in a surprisingly talented band, plays relatively sizable shows now and again, and even managed to scrounge up enough cash and courage to release a 10-song LP? Basically that’s Local Natives, except they also occasionally perform at international music festivals in front of tens of thousands. I guess the big difference between your friend and these guys is that these days music news spreads like spicy gossip through the right online conduits, and friendo was unfortunately 10+ years premature. You know, MySpace era and whatnot.

Aaaaaanyways, Local Natives came out with a solid home-brew record called “Gorilla Manor” in 2009, named after the animal house collective all 5 band members lived in together. It was a huge critical success, perhaps a little blown out of proportion, but still is an enjoyable listen. At that time I assumed they’d follow suit with the modern indie one-album-wonder phenomenon: either take a massive stylistic nosedive and sell out, or just simply fizzle and die in their inability to re-deliver. Wrong again! They returned with a killer, gem of an album this year, the endlessly-playable “Hummingbird”. Working out some of their off-kilter vocal harmony kinks, and adding a tasteful variety of intonation and instrumentation, they’re bigger, they’re better… they’re back.

Although “Gorilla Manor” has some amazing tracks (especially “Cubism Dream” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26DrYvoviPo), I’d recommend starting with 2013’s “Hummingbird” – one of the best straight up indie rock albums in a while. Just full-bodied, boisterous, elegantly-executed jams.

Favourite track: Heavy Feet (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds8zoKyaRvY)… Smooth groovin.

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