Loney, Dear

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Loney, Dear is the indie pop project of Swedish multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanängen. Self-releasing much of his earlier works, it’s obvious Loney, Dear is in it for the pure love and joy of creating, recording, and performing music. Most listeners new to his stuff find an immediate warmth and familiarity with his disarming approach to songwriting, featuring a vocal pitch that pierces the stratosphere, heart wrenching melodies, and impressive arrangements not often heard in this genre. During live concerts,  Svanängen is all smiles, ever complimentary to his backing band (or army), and avidly encouraging of his audience to dance, clap and sing along, often teaching them a simple harmony, and even leading in a few practice rounds.

Between 2003-11, he’s released seven (!) 10+ song LPs, placing Loney, Dear amongst the most prolific indie projects out there. My favourites are 2005’s standout “Loney, Noir”, 2003 debut “The Year of River Fontana” and his most recent work, 2011’s “Hall Music”.

Favourite track: Sinister in a State of Hope (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2_yhViC8bY)… a nice showcase of his mystic powers.

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