Neon Indian

Neon_Indian_-_Psychic_Chasms Neon-Indian-Era-Extraña

Neon Indian is the moniker of Mexican-born, Texas-based Alan Palomo. He popped up in the 2009/10 musical flash storm that was chillwave, alongside acts like Washed Out, Toro y Moi, Small Black, and others. As with most bands in that movement, Neon Indian was automatically dubbed as one of the new cool kids on the indie block and promptly rocket-launched into the spotlight, playing at packed-out venues and giant outdoor festivals. I’ve got to commend these musicians for how well they’ve all stepped up to the plate, embracing (relative) stardom and continuing in their production of quality tunes during busy tour schedules.

Palomo is a wizard of all things electronic, with a particular knack for 8-bit, synth, analog and other old-school equipment. I saw him play as a full band live act in 2010, and (almost comically) half the time all I could see of Palomo was his curly black hair bobbing and bustling around behind a wall of keyboards, pedals, modulators and stuff I don’t even know the name of. This provided an interesting dichotomy: a busy bee knob-turner making loud and pulsing, yet simultaneously laid-back and chilled-out music.

Pictured above are Neon Indian’s two solid LPs: 2009’s debut “Psychic Chasms”, and the more refined / vocally-oriented 2011 follow-up “Era Extraña”.

Favourite track: Polish Girl (… it’s like a love song made by an outcast Game Boy.

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