The Ruby Suns

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The Ruby Suns is a project fronted by American-via-New Zealand musician Ryan McPhun since 2004. Known as a world traveller, McPhun has taken tips from many cultural and esoteric genres, while always being sure to throw his own person touch into the alchemy. If I knew anything about genres outside my little cultish universe of musical taste maybe I could draw some intellectual-sounding specific comparisons for you, but I don’t, so I can’t. Just believe me in saying it’s an eclectic, ear-catching sound. With a gentle yet earnest falsetto voice, McPhun dances beautifully around his shimmering synths, percussion-heavy jungle beats, and tastefully minimal guitar and bass lines.

Now signed to indie juggernaut Sub Pop Records, The Ruby Suns has birthed 4 uniquely distinct albums. His most recent work “Christopher”  is a driving synth-pop movement allegedly fueled by the breakup of his longtime girlfriend and old touring bandmate. This has quickly and surely become one of my favourite records of the year and provided a gateway to rediscover his solid collection of tunes. Other albums include his self-titled 2004 debut, 2008’s “Sea Lion” and 2010’s “Fight Softly” (another highlight).

Favourite track: Heart Attack (… A heart-throb of pure sincerity.

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