Balam Acab

Balam-Acab-See-Birds-EP balam

Balam Acab is an electro project by Pennsylvanian Alec Koone. As hinted by his aquatically-themed art, he must have been raised by either mermaids, electric eels, or some other cave-dwelling sea creature to grow up making these tunes. Maybe a geoduck. With haunted apparition chamber vocals, waterlogged and sun-stricken beats, and field samples bequeathed by one of Poseidon’s illegitimate children, you’ll be well on your way to aquaphobia by the end of one listen.

Since 2010, Balam Acab has released the excellent EP “See Birds” and LP “Wander / Wonder”, some killer remixes of artists like Charlie XCX ( and Twin Sister (, as well as a pile of other material available for free download ( and on his Soundcloud). He is reportedly working on a follow-up LP out hopefully sometime in 2014. I’ll be there.

Favourite track: Motion (… the sounds a deep sea aquanaut would hear rolling into the sketchy suburbs of Atlantis.

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