Miniature Tigers

miniature_tigers_fortress miniature-tigers-mia-pharaoh

Miniature Tigers are a 4-piece indie pop outfit based out of Phoenix since 2006. They’re tons-o-fun. With a fairly straight-forward approach to songwriting, they play to their strengths to blend light-hearted melodies and lead lines, dancy drums, groovy bass, a host of synth tones, and the refreshingly smooth voice of guitarist Charlie Brand. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The two albums of theirs I know well are 2010’s “F O R T R E S S” and 2012’s “Mia Pharaoh”. The former is a Morning Benders-esque dynamic and orchestrated diddley, and the latter a more synth / disco heavy effort. Both worth a listen. They have a few preceding EPs and a 2008 LP “Tell It To The Volcano” I have yet to investigate, but perhaps one of these days I’ll get around to it. Or maybe you could do the grunt work this time.

Favourite track: Sex on the Regular (,sex-on-the-regular,qpl5k5.html)… PG-13 rated synth pop.

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