Small Black

Small+Black Small-Black-Limits-Of-Desire1

Small Black are a relatively-new 4-piece indie / chillwave group from Brooklyn. Signed to American powerhouse indie label Jagjaguwar, they’ve recently hit a terrific stride. When we were kids, my brothers and I would visit our grandma in a nearby town every so often. As it came time to leave, there was this ritual where she would get her old change purse and sneakily put a toonie in our palms when our parents “weren’t looking” (they were). One arbitrary day she reached into her purse and handed one of us a cheque for $1000. That’s the story of Small Black’s latest album, “Limits of Desire”.

With the endearing and humble beginnings of a simple 6-song self-titled debut EP and mediocre follow-up LP “New Chain”, they hatched an amazing piece of art in this year’s “Limits of Desire”. Floating amongst the clouds, these songs are driving, catchy, and charged with emotion, enveloping the listener into sonic honey. It’s the kind of music you want to listen to in your headphones, eyes closed, soaking it in. As long as you’re alone, that is. Otherwise it looks weird.

Favourite track: Limits of Desire (… The lovechild of a pillow and a synthesizer.

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