Le Loup

The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_NationsX_Millennium_General_Assembly-Le_Loup_480 le-loup-family

Le Loup (French for “The Wolf”) were an indie-folk group from Washington DC fronted by Sam Simkoff throughout 2006-2011. Just like their namesake, they appeared out of nowhere, graced us with their beauty and elegance, then disappeared again forever into the great beyond. Fortunately for us, what’s left as evidence of their presence are two gorgeous LPs (rather than the headless bloodied corpse of a jackrabbit or something). Featuring full-bodied orchestration, layers of vocal harmony, uplifting messages, and friggen banjos and tympanis and stuff, Le Loup gently guide you by the hand through the moss-covered forest of their sound.

Check out their amazing 2009 finale album “Family”, and it’s noteworthy kid sibling “The Throne Of The Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millennium General Assembly”. You’ll find yourself marching to the beat of the drum all the way to the jaws of the wolf.

Favourite track: “Morning Song” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlT4up8-m-k)… One gingerly-footed frolic at a time.

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