Do Make Say Think

cst010hires Winter+Hymn+Country+Hymn+Secret+Hymn

Do Make Say Think are a Toronto-based instrumental post-rock collective of 10+ rotating musicians who have been around since the mid 90s. Fronted by guitarist Ohad Benchetrit, they are seasoned veterans of orchestrating jazzy, dynamic and multi-layered masterpieces, often featuring a unique blend of distorted rock and wind / horn accompaniment. Integral to their sound is the meticulous detail each and every musician dedicates to ensure their section is gripping and memorable; this is especially notable in the bass and drum lines, often the song’s captivating feature (i.e. “Frederica” Never one to get lost in the musical mire of overkill, Do Make Say Think always create solid, catchy foundations to be accentuated and decorated with tastefully-placed instrumentation. From pindrop-silent acoustic guitar to crashing 10-instrument crescendos, their musicianship is rock-steady.

Starting with their genre-defining self-titled debut in 1998, Do Make Say Think have never looked back, since pumping out 5 more LPs (with a new one reportedly in the making). Pictured above are my 2 besties, 2000’s “Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord Is Dead” and the greatest instrumental album I’ve ever heard, 2003’s “Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn”.

Favourite track: Horray! Horray! Horray! (… “Think we should play it again?” – Yes, yes I do.

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