girls-album-true-panther girls-broken-dreams-club-1

Girls were a San Fransisco-based surf rock duo comprised of singer/guitarist Christopher Owens and bassist JR White during 2007-2012. Owens is a survivor of the “Children of God” religious cult, which as I understand it was a pretty messed-up crowd. Banned from listening to music, he relied on movies to provide his gateway to melody and songwriting until the age of 16 when he finally defected. Taking years to acclimatize to the mainstream world, Owens bounced back from the ashes of this less-than-optimal childhood to become an outstanding musician and performer. Meeting future band mate White in his late 20s, they moved in together and reportedly knocked down the dividing wall between their bedrooms so they could hang out and write music without hindrance.  With an obsession of the old-timey classics, Girls create punchy tunes with walking bass lines, addictive guitar solos, doo-wop influenced melodies and unabashed sing-songy lyrics about getting high, chasing (you guessed it!) girls, fleeting friends, and striving to be bad-ass. They all look the part too, with long flowing hair, ripped jeans, and a carefree perma-fried expression worn at all times.

During their 5 year run, Girls produced 3 excellent releases, “Album”, “Broken Dreams Club” EP, and “Father, Son, Holy Ghost”. The vast majority of their material is immediately enjoyable, endlessly playable, and perfectly suited for pretty much any stereotypical summer-related event. Tired of the ever-rotating slew of back-up/touring musicians, Owens decided to carry on solo, since releasing his debut album “Lysandre” which features 5 or 6 solid songs. If you haven’t heard “Album” yet, give it a shot – you’ll be hanging 10 in no time.

Favourite track: Laura (… One of like 5 songs named after some sweet thing who broke his sweet little heart.

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