burial untrue

Because of his humility and respect for the artistic integrity of his peers, the identity of previously-enigmatic Burial was self-revealed, but I prefer to discuss him as a musical apparition, shrouded in mystery as he originally was. Burial has created some of the most haunting, razor-sharp, and altogether organic sounding electronic music I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. His soundscapes are the notational equivalent of an endless dark corridor, flickering lanterns overhead swinging and creaking in a cold stale breeze, with a thick wet fog obscuring your view of which, upon straining, could be a looming figure up ahead. With unprecedented attention to the most minute detail, Burial meticulously combines metallic *chik* and *click* based beats in unmistakably unique patterns, other-worldly dark toned synths, and unintelligible samples of fragmented words and phrases, all drenched in the crackle of what resembles reverberations of popping vinyl fuzz.

Since 2006, Burial has released over 4 hours of material, some of which represents what I consider to be amongst the frontier of cutting-edge music. Pictured above are his 2 critically-acclaimed LPs “Burial” and “Untrue” (the latter being my favourite of his), a small portion of his exceptional body of work. More recently, he has taken to a an trudging, ambient mood, with excellent EPs “Traunt / Sleeper”, “Moth / Wolf Cub” (a split with like-minded Four Tet), “Four Walls / Paradise Circus” with Massive Attack, “Kindred”, and many more. Update: Burial strikes again! Today he unleashed a new EP entitled “Rival Dealer” with 3 killer, passionate tunes that represent a masterful sidestep from his usual modus op.

Favourite Track: Archangel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlEkvbRmfrA)… Takedown.

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