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Gas is one of the more well-known musical incarnations of German producer Wolfgang Voigt, who successfully oversaw the shotgun marriage of 4-on-the-floor techno with ethereal ambiance. He captured the essence of being hopelessly lost in the deep dark woods, with nothing but the sounds of nature reverberating and ricocheting amongst the wind and trees, and the ominous droning pulse of a frantic heartbeat pounding in the ears. Gas’ music flows effortlessly like fog, cold and relentless as a glacier runoff, with the unpredictability of a coastal squall. Somewhere within this essence one can perceive buried melodies and refrains, but they remain endlessly entangled and muffled in the briar of his sonic forest.

Between 1995 and 2000, Gas released 2 EPs and 4 LPs, most of which contain untitled songs and nothing but an art overlay of “G A S” to indicate authorship. I believe his best works are “Pop” and “Königsforst”, the latter being named after the forest in which he grew up and cites as the main influence for this project.

Favourte track: [Königsforst 4] (… Get lost.

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