Julie Doiron

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Julie Doiron is a French-Canadian singer/songwriter based out of New Brunswick who has been breaking hearts since her early twenties. With bare-bones guitar work, sparing arrangements, and a relentlessly devastating take on her perpetuating lovelorn dilemmas, she delivers haunting, featherweight melody with utmost vulnerability, sincerity, and conviction. Inside her small frame lives one of the most gorgeous and disarming voices to ever grace this genre, perfectly and effortlessly delivering her sad lullaby.

Her fragility and despondence were perfectly laid to rest in the form of two amazing albums, with songs that flawlessly embody heartache and longing – these are 2001’s francophone “Désormais” and the 2002 English-speaking resolution “Heart and Crime”. Her catalog chronology stretches far in either direction, but none compare to these works, which remain poised as the centerfold of her artistry.

Favourite track: Too Much (http://www.epitonic.com/artists/julie-doiron/#/artists/julie-doiron/)… Scroll down, click, and just let it all out.

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