Holy Other

HOLY-OTHER-WITH-U Holy-Other-Held-608x608

Holy Other is an electronic artist based out of Europe whose identity remains unknown (he even cloaks his head in a black cloth when performing live). Creating haunting, amorphous melodic vocal overlays amidst inky-black drone, Holy Other whisks the listener to a lonely hollow surging with the flux of waves and shadow. The accompanying beats are uniquely broken and chipped, as though the sampler had an erratic output signal of ebb and flow. With this mix of unbridled emotion and calculated style, Holy Other keeps you lost in his caverns of sound.

In 2011 Holy Other introduced himself via “With U”, a powerful 7-song EP with a collection of some of the darkest and most other-worldly sounds in recent memory. Late 2012 brought his anticipated “Held” LP, another solid effort and natural extension of his downcast esthetic.

Favourite track: Blissters (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYlwAbf9uC8)… Like a melted lullaby.

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