tumblr_ltsf27qypc1qa6a1j_1319824449_cover sepalcure_love_pressure_01-508x508

Sepalcure is an American electronic duo that started in 2010 as a collaboration between Travis Stewart (more widely known as Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (also performing under the moniker Braille). Originating as a “cathartic” two week project, it’s obvious from the passion and energy of their music that these dudes found a deeper connection than probably expected. With beats and glossy licks equally catchy as their eye-candy album art, Sepalcure provides a refreshing take on beat-driven club-quality dance tunes while still cruising sufficiently mellow to facilitate an unambitious Wednesday evening of lounging around and writing music blog entries.

Since signing to UK-based Hotflush Records (home to other talents like Mount Kimbie and Scuba), Sepalcure has released 3 heavenly EPs “Love Pressure”, “Fleur” and 2013’s “Make You”, as well as their stellar 2011 debut LP pictured above.

Favourite track: Me (… Smooth cruise.

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