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Sevendeaths is Scotland-based electro producer Steven Shade, signed to UK’s LuckyMe label. Software developer by trade, Shade puts his skill set to good use, creating and modulating much of his sound with customized inventions and equipment adaptations. Generating a dense blend of gritty drone and bassy synth tones waterlogged in a wash of static, his frantic arpeggiated melodies fight and occasionally break free from this world of overwhelming ambience. It’s like standing on the meridian of a busy freeway during a windstorm, looking up at low-set heavy overcast canopy passing above and catching transient glimpses of  twinkling stars through voids in the cloud.

Since late 2012, Sevendeaths has put out 2 excellent releases, his 3-song “Sometimes, Silence” debut and this year’s “Conreté Misery” LP.

Favourite track: Petrograde (… The title track “Concreté Misery” is also amazing, currently hosted near the top of Pitchfork’s “Rising” article (

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