The-Years-E.P.-e1299779170847 memoryhouse-caregiver

Memoryhouse are a dream pop duo from Guelph, Ontario comprised of Evan Abeele and Denise Nouvion. One time I saw a middle-aged human wearing a shirt that read, “If I wanted to feel ‘all warm and fuzzy inside’, I’d swallow a kitten”. When I want to feel that way, I put on Memoryhouse. I distinctly remember coming across their first gem of a track, “Lately (Deuxième)” ( while perusing some of Nouvion’s eye-catching photography ( Featuring a perfectly-integrated sample of Jon Brion’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind OST standout “Phone Call”, “Lately” uniquely captures the melancholic hopefulness of that beautiful, timeless film. Memoryhouse reside in and effortlessly emanate that time before the sun goes down, where shadows are endlessly lengthened, everything is washed in gold, the warm air now cooling and you’re thinking about heading in. Drenched in the warmth of reverb and feather-weight production, their music is about as cathartic as you get inside the realm of indie. That is, of course, assuming you don’t consider those nature noise/piano soundtracks playing in novelty stores to be “indie”.

In their 4+ years of crafting lullabies, Memoryhouse have chartered some gorgeous territory. Their original 2010 “The Years” EP (now offered solely as the 2011 remastered version), as well as the follow-up “Caregiver / Heirloom” EP represent some of the very best of their genre. They have also waved their magical wand of nostalgia over a number of remixes for the likes of Korallreven, Seven Saturdays, Porcelain Raft and CFCF, as well as covers of Grizzly Bear’s “Foreground” and The Andrew Sister’s “Christmas Island” ( – if you can stomach another Christmas song in February). Recently signed to Sub Pop, Memoryhouse changed up their overarching esthetic, as bands often do, to one of refinement and pop-oriented songwriting. For the most part, their debut LP “The Slideshow Effect” is an enjoyable listen, but there are a few tracks mixed with the vocals too forefront for Nouvion’s style and proficiency. However, the vast majority of their work is a honeypot of sweet, soothing nectar.

Favourite track: Lately (Troisieme) (… You’ve heard of the girl/boy next door, well this is the music next door.

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