ceo-white-magic ceo-Wonderland-608x608

ceo (yes, I intentionally left the “c” lowercase… it’s stylized that way) is the moniker of enigmatic, larger-than-life Swedish producer Eric Berglund. Previously a member of the reasonably-influential and strangely violent electro-pop duo The Tough Alliance (, Berglund recently chose to focus on solo work and running his label Sincerely Yours (home to Air France, jj, Magic Tapes and others). With nods to synthpop, EDM, national anthems, love ballads and ethnic diversities like South Asian instrumentation and African-sounding beats, ceo flies the listener at mach speeds through a rainbow-coloured sonic whirlwind of tinsel and sparkles.

Since 2010, ceo has released LPs “White Magic” and this year’s brilliant “Wonderland”, as well as some pretty solid covers of Blondie ( and, yeah, Beyoncé ( Takes some guts to attempt a Queen B song. And about as much talent to do it right.

Favourite track: Illuminata (… Rising on the wings of honesty of a magical pegasus headed for the sunset.

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