Real Estate

Real-Estate-Days-630x630_jpeg_630x630_q85 real estate atlas

Real Estate are an indie rock band based out of New Jersey since the summer of 2008. Conglomerating a pick-pocket sample of talented musicians from other groups (guitarist/singer Martin Courtney once of Titus Andronicus, guitar wizard Matt Mondanile of Ducktails and bassist Alex Bleeker), Real Estate has steadily become one of the most recognizable and proficient of the genre. Flawlessly embodying the esthetic of a midsummer lackadaisical poolside daytime doze in a lawn chair recliner, listening to Real Estate helps to set your troubles aside for a while. They’re the vibe of having work deadlines, bills to pay and a million errands waiting, but then looking out your window at the blue sky, succumbing and saying ah what the hell as you grab your sun glasses and a frisbee and head to the beach. Carefree cool guys to the core, Real Estate strip it down to deliver a pretty blend of dancing guitar lines, distinct pop melody, extended jams and honest lyrics. Without a care in the world, they play a similarly nonchalant show in front of backyard gatherings, all-you-can-eat diners, or in front of thousands at most major indie festivals out there.

Since sauntering out of the hot tub and into a recording studio, Real Estate have released 3 LPs, an EP and a batch of singles. Their debut self-titled effort is a pleasant lo-fi introduction to their chilled-out style that probably works best as a complement to their later work. Follow-up round-house kick LP, 2011’s “Days”, is a phenomenal step in the right song-writing and engineering direction, featuring some of the catchiest indie songs written in years and since praised with universal acclaim. Today Real Estate released their latest album “Atlas”, a mellow chaser with perhaps their best song yet (“Talking Backwards”: If you like what your ears are hearing, I recommend sampling the sonic half-brother of Real Estate, the aforementioned “Ducktails” project (particularly 2013’s “The Flower Lane” LP – try “Sedan Magic”:

Favourite track: All The Same (… Yeah, doesn’t get much better than this.

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