The Notwist

the_notwist_neon_golden1 the_notwist_the_devil_you_and_me_540

The Notwist are a 4-piece indie-electronic group based out of Germany since the late 80s. I believe they are amongst the most classy, innovative and proficient indie bands in the world today. With origins in grunge and post-metal, they have mellowed-out and matured into experts of composition, arrangement and production of meticulously-wrought music. Fronted by the crackled, silky voice of Markus Acher, The Notwist reaches further, holds closer, and breathes deeper than just about every other act out there.

I consider the origins of modern-day Notwist sound to be within their monumental 2002 release “Neon Golden”, an album that has been garnished with numerous well-deserved accolades and frequently mentioned as one of the most important pieces of this genre. Featuring 10 songs of overwhelming beauty and elegance, it represents the flawless integration of the highlights of indie rock, electro programming and wind ensemble arrangement. In a moment, the listener is spirited away to a land of nostalgic familiarity, even when experiencing The Notwist for the first time. 2008’s excellent follow-up LP “The Devil, You + Me”, many years in the making, stands as a natural extension of  their temperament, with moments pushing further into their driving rock roots. Update: “Close to the Glass”, their much-anticipated new album via Sub Pop Records, is now out and well worth the wait.

Actively involved in other aspects of the German music scene, members of The Notwist also collaborate in notable acts such as Lali Puna, Ms. John Soda and Console, as well as occasionally crafting original sound tracks for film. It’s apparent other artists feel similarly about The Notwist, as they’ve managed to acquire standout remixes by the likes of Panda Bear (, and Four Tet & Caribou (

Favourite song: Consequence (… couldn’t think of a better closing statement.

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