How To Dress Well

How-to-Dress-Well-Love-Remains htdw

How To Dress Well is the moniker of American electro-R&B artist Tom Krell. Visualize inside your frontal cortex a 20-something Caucasian male Mariah Carey and Brandy fanatic with a handful of basic recording equipment and a whole lot of heart – that would be Krell. I remember listening to various standout tracks from his debut album “Love Remains”, confusedly thinking my speakers had blown as the crescendos of his heartfelt beltings became buried in the distorted buzz of an overloaded, clipping microphone. However, as I realized this feature was a deliberate engineering decision, I grew to love the elegance and passion of his music, embracing this unique lo-fi, DIY production technique as an iconic textural feature accompanying his sound.

Since 2009, How To Dress Well has put forth 2 solid LPs, a handful of EPs, and the odd remix and album featurette. His debut album, the iconic and genre-defining “Love Remains” is a raw and wholly unabashed expression of his guiltiest pleasures, dirtiest secrets and deepest desires. 2012 sophomore LP “Total Loss” showcases similarly unbridled emotion with a bit of an orchestral spit shine – a fantastic listen. Krell has also lent his talent to the likes of Active Child ( and Jacques Greene (, remixed/covered Matthew Dear and Elite Gymnastics, as well as had his tracks reworked by killer electro artists such as Pariah, Holy Other and Star Slinger ( Recently resurfacing with a stellar new track “Words I Don’t Remember” (, it appears new heart strings are reverberating in anticipation of a 3rd album expected this summer.

Favourite track: Suicide Dream 2 (… Like your favourite R&B icon singing from the bottom of a frigid well.

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