Moving Units

52788 movingunits

Moving Units originated as a 3-piece, LA-based post-punk band in 2001. The issue with 3-piece bands is that it’s all fine and dandy adding layer after layer of guitars, harmony vocals and glockenspiel in-studio, but unless you can fork up the dough to hire a 10 piece backing ensemble (such as Bon Iver’s most recent world tour), your live show is usually doomed to sound like a thin, abridged version of yourself. This is not the case with Moving Units – a group that as mastered the art of making each instrument count, amassing to a sum greater than its parts both on record and in your local dive venue. With a we-could-care-less demeanor, Moving Units arrive shirtless at the party, help themselves to someone else’s 6-pack, walk straight to the stereo and take over.

The further along one traverses in Moving Units’ discography, the fewer original members remain and consequently the greater the deviation from their addictive foot-tapping sound. However, each album has its artistic merit and is, for the most part, worth a gander. Their debut self-titled EP is by far my most listened-to EP of any artist, boasting a punchy mix of insanely groovy bass lines, slick high-neck guitar work, iconic surface-level phrase chants, and tight, hyperactive drums. Following LPs “Dangerous Dreams” and “Hexes for Exes” dare to introduce fresh blood, new instrumentation and a wider variety of drunken disco moodiness, while still offering some killer hits (try “Available”: Their latest, “Neurotic Exotic” represents the last man standing, with singer/guitarist Blake Miller the only original member remaining.

Favourite track: Melodrama (… Can music wear a leather jacket and sun glasses?

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