I Break Horses

I-Break-Horses-Hearts-SMALL1-500x500 i_break_horses_chiaroscuro

I Break Horses are a Swedish electro/dream-pop duo signed to the tasteful UK label Bella Union. Forming in 2008, singer/keyboardist Maria Lindén and guitarist/programmer Fredrik Balck are experts at crafting pulsing, textured intensity with memorable pop-leaning melody that stampedes out of your speakers and straight into your metaphorical heart. With a unique ear for shoegazing synths both classic and new, minimal but carefully calculated digital drumming, and the airy, ghost-like voice of Lindén swooping in and out of the dense soundscapes, I Break Horses provide the perfect theme songs for mach-speed air travel or deep space exploration.

Debut 2011 LP “Hearts”, the better of their two releases, offers a terrific batch of songs, dripping in heartache, nostalgia and angst. This year’s follow-up album “Chiaroscuro” offers a similar esthetic, while being slightly removed from the driving intensity of its predecessor.

Favourite track: Hearts (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF6bQWXvhKw)… Nature in fast forward.

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