The Tallest Man On Earth

AMEX_006__57304__01152009125332-818 tallest-man-on-earth-wild-hunt-cover-art

The Tallest Man On Earth, standing at around 5’7″-5’10” tops, is Swedish folk singer/songwriter Kristen Matsson. Finding muse in the old timey American classics of Bob Dylan and the like, Matsson combines dazzling finger-pluck/strumming patterns fed through high-capo birdsong chord structures and towered over by a stentorian voice rich with the raspy growl of of whiskey and cigarettes. Utilizing an astoundingly simple palette rarely deviating from acoustic guitar and voice, he passionately delivers fables rich with imagery and grit, painting characters and stories so vivid you feel you’ve known them all your life. I saw The Tallest Man On Earth play in 2010 for an outdoor festival crowd of thousands, and he fearlessly attacked each song, addressed the audience with honesty, and delivered a set as entertaining and inspiring as any 5+ member band performing that weekend.

With an ever-growing collection of works, Matsson has crafted 3 LPs and 2 EP’s worth of originals and covers. My favourites are his first LPs “Shallow Grave” and especially “The Wild Hunt”. 2012’s EP “Sometime The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird” also houses some of his most gorgeous and memorable songs to date. His most recent LP, “There’s No Leaving Now” features Matsson’s first attempt at full-band arrangements, demonstrating some great potential in more layered songwriting.

Favourite track: Little River (… One time I tried to learn this song. I failed.

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