Pure X

5b9c0439 Pure_X_-_Crawling_Up_the_Stairs

Pure X is an under-the-radar 3-piece noise-pop/rock band from Austin, Texas fronted by singer/guitarist Nate Grace (and that’s about all I know of them as people). Quite frankly, I’m surprised I grew to like these guys as much as I do, given my first pass through their debut “Pleasure” was thiiiiis close to winding up in the trash bin of eternal damnation. How wrong I was. What seemed on the surface like a mess of murky noise and poor production I quickly realized is actually beautifully-executed, passionate craftsmanship in the context of tasteful lo-fi vulnerability. In true vinyl fashion, Pure X’s albums are an art best experienced in entirety, with overarching ideas divided into cohesive, deep-cutting movements. Featuring vocals belting urgency and desperation, drowned in a sea of distorted guitar haze and blended with hollow stripped-down drums and fuzzy bass, Pure X makes for a perfect dream-fever high. Like hanging weightless and breathless, upside-down. A friend of mine frequents Pure X so often he’s coined the phrase “taking the plunge” for the act of listening to “Pleasure”. He describes it as such because to him it sounds like Pure X submerged their amps and microphones in a 100-foot-deep pool at the end of a concrete tunnel, then cranked the reverb knob to max. I couldn’t agree more.

Since 2011, Pure X have released 2 LPs: the strangely addictive “Pleasure”, and this year’s pop evolution “Crawling Up The Stairs”. Update: Pure X just dropped their new LP “Angel”, a laid-back collection of simple, pretty songs in slo-mo (try “White Rose”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F-aeKp11lE).

Favourite track: Dream Over (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYmQs11ycPU)… take the plunge.

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