Mount Kimbie

Mount-Kimbie-Crooks-Lovers Mount-Kimbie-Cold-Spring-Fault-Less-Youth1

Mount Kimbie are a post-dub electro duo from from London, UK who formed around 2008. Friends and collaborators with like-minded James Blake, Mount Kimbie’s Kai Campos and Dom Maker join him in being largely credited as the forerunners of the British post-dub movement, developing and popularizing their blissed-out, ethereal take on electro productions. Washing their zig-zag beats in a bleach of ambiance, Mount Kimbie take you for a slow cruise, windows down and arms dangling carelessly down the sides. They find a perfect balance between analog and digital mediums, frequently weaving the warmth of worn instrumentation amongst subtle yet critical sampling and vocal work.

To date, Mount Kimbie have released 5 EPs and 2 LPs of material well-worth the listen. Pictured above are their excellent full-length albums, 2010’s “Crooks & Lovers” and 2013 follow-up “Cold Spring Fault Less Youth”, the latter featuring 2 killer tracks with King Krule (try “You Took Your Time“). Perusing my library, it appears I’m also partial towards their “Sketch On Glass” and “Maybes” EPs, but so far I have yet to hear a song of theirs I don’t enjoy. You know, playin’ it safe.

Favourite track: Made To Stray… I’d love to air-drum along but my fingies don’t move that fast.

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