Vacationer-Gone-LP-2012 Vacationer-Relief

Vacationer are a 5-piece indie pop group from Philadelphia and other nooks of Northeastern US signed to Downtown Records. Reportedly starting as a side-project for singer / bassist / principle songwriter Kenny Vasoli, Vacationer have since taken off as an up-and-coming feel-good summertime band of golden sunsets and carefree beachside laze. True to their name, Vacationer sing relentlessly of paradise, islands, heaven and anything generally lacking in responsibility or obligation. This devotion to escapism is aptly evidenced by the chorus from their iconic breakout song “Trip”: “I need a trip, a trip’s what I need!” A few years ago, their online merch section humourously contained a sort-of getaway sweepstakes package (well, for them at least), where you could pay something to the order of $10,000 to join them on a trip to some tropical destination, where Vacationer would perform a private show for you and yours. Emanating pure lackadaisical dreaminess, they’d make a terrific tropical accompaniment indeed. With a delicious blend of string/wind instrument sampling, electro accents, pulsing bass lines, cleanly palm muted guitars and an array of African-sounding percussion, Vacationer will make your eyes heavy and your feet light. Best of all, they certainly offer an affectionate nod towards The Beach Boys, boasting gorgeous multi-layered falsetto vocal work and enough overt happiness for everyone to have a slice.

In their short existence, Vacationer have released 2 solid LPs: 2011’s “Gone” and this year’s brand-new “Relief”. Both make excellent summer albums, and pair well with any stereotypical July or August outing (or whatever the summer months are if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). Not shy of venturing from their original works, Vacationer have offered a few gorgeous remixes of Tennis, Dom and Caveman (try harp-laden “In The City”:

Favourite Song: Trip (… The next time I have ten grand just lying around the house, I know where I’ll be putting it.

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