Craft Spells

craft-spells-idle-labor Craft-Spells-Gallery-ep

Craft Spells are a 4-piece indie pop band centered around California native Justin Vallesteros. Starting as a solo project in 2009, they came out guns blazing with a stellar debut LP in 2011’s “Idle Labor”. With a mastery of DIY esthetic, Craft Spells are particularly adept at the short and simple, delivering foot-tapping 2-4 minute tunes with confidence and style. Free of frills, they keep each instrument deliberate, purposeful, and focused towards the common goal of creating vibrant, shimmering pop.

Check out their excellent LP “Idle Labor” and the matured sound of last year’s “Gallery” EP. Now signed to Captured Tracks, I expect we’ll be graced with more goodies in the near future. Update: Craft Spells released their new LP “Nausea” last month, and the only nausea you’ll be experiencing is just prior the emesis of excitement in hearing their broader, tighter sound (try “Breaking The Angle Against The Tide”:

Favourite track: After The Moment (… Just good clean fun.

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