Celestial Shore

Celestial+Shore Celestial_shore_small

Celestial Shore is a 3-piece Brooklyn-based band that doesn’t quite fit into any one genre, so I’ll make one up: spasmodic teched-out indie beach rock. My mind only works so fast, and I can only multitask up to like 2 things at once (say, walking and breathing simultaneously, for example); it goes without saying that I therefore find Celestial Shore’s songwriting to be mind-bending and entrancing. Mashing patternless riffs and beats and layer upon layer of drop-dead gorgeous vocal melody/harmony, they deliver in a jerky, stop-and-go flow that somehow carries the listener along splendidly. Celestial Shore are the sonic equivalent of a dragonfly – bursts of energy followed by random periods of rest, seemingly senseless directional changes, and quirky overarching objectives entirely unreasonable to the viewer. In summary, my relationship with Celestial Shore is equal parts confusion, fascination and genuine amusement.

Until the release of last year’s “10x” debut LP, we the listeners had precious and essential few to latch on to – 2011’s remarkable  EPs “California Eden” and “Place Aux Dames” (free track at http://pitchfork.com/forkcast/15830-place-aux-dames/) and a 2012 split tape (yes, tape, like a cassette) with like-minded Shopping Spree. In these earlier years, Celestial Shore had only a fistful of tunes longer than 2 minutes. I’m still getting to know “10x” (again, mainly because I simply can’t keep up), but so far I find it light and delightful. Sophomore LP “Enter Ghost” is scheduled out on Hometapes in October of this year. I’ll be there. Probably still perplexed as hell.

Favourite track: Pals (free download at http://pitchfork.com/forkcast/15349-pals/)… Sometimes I try to sing along, and I’ll give you 3 guesses as to whether it sounds good or not.

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