Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

moshimoshiharajuku original

Ahhh whatever I’ll just go for it. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is J-pop superstar Kiriko Takemura hailing from the Harajuku district of Tokyo, the epicenter of anime, manga and counterculture Japan. She’s been a guilty pleasure for a few years now, but I can no longer contain my fascination so I’ll just claim it. Discovered originally through a modeling career, she was recruited by Yasutaka Nakata, a prolific producer and mastermind behind multiple quintessential J-pop projects including Perfume (also catchy as a cold – try “Polyrhythm” ) and his own 2-piece band Capsule. However, Kyary is much more than simply the executor of the will; rather, she’s a kick-ass performer, with a beautiful (albeit processed) voice and an unabashed believer in purist expression. She embodies the artistic insanity of modern pop, without the pretentious ridiculousness of stereotypical pop star egocentric demeanor. She sings in Japanese, interviews in Japanese, and represents her quirky Japanese subculture as is, no matter the audience. In this sincerity and humility she delivers an incredibly entertaining and endearing product. Resultant from her brilliance is a growing cross-pollination of interest in North America, gaining momentum and influence amidst the giants of pop. Combining sounds of 8-bit video game samples, techno blast beat drum fills and hundreds of 18k gold synth mods, she is a princess of white light apportioned into a rainbow spectrum of sounds emanating from the pulsing heart of Japan.

Since exploding into the scene, Kyary has released around 20 irresistibly catchy songs dispersed over her 4 albums. I’ll be the first to admit, sitting through an entire Kyary album start finish is like trying to eat a your weight in skittles and wash it down with a Double Gulp slurpee. She’s the dessert of my music life – perfect for 3-5 sensation-blasting treats. Her singles are especially remarkable, with the crucial accompaniment of sensory-overload, seizure-threshold eye candy music videos.

Favourite Tracks:
“Candy Candy” (,
“Ninjari Ban Ban” (,
“Kira Kira Killer” (, &
“Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring” (
Then go ask your doctor for a 32 gauge needle and about 12-15 units of short-acting insulin.

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