Star Slinger

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Star Slinger is UK-based Darren Williams, an electro dancemaster who came skipping and cartwheeling into the scene around 2010. He’s the kind of artist I frequently forget about, randomly re-stumble across every year or so, and ask myself, “Why don’t I listen to Star Slinger more often?” Known mainly as a remix specialist (or what he calls a “dreamix”), Star Slinger redesigns everything from the poppiest mainstream to esoteric underground indie acts, transforming just about anything into a tune that make you want to dance like Richardson from “Hot Rod” ( At least that’s how he makes me feel inside. What I like about Star Slinger is his ability to keep the essence of a song while still putting enough of a new spin to make it refreshing and unexpected. He exists in the sweet spot between shredding a song into indiscernible bits and keeping it exactly as is save for a super-imposed techno megabeat and the odd rap air horn ( It’s like ordering something at a restaurant, then they mix up your order, but you still like what they bring anyways.

Despite being largely known for his remixes, Star Slinger has a couple mentionable originals too – my favourites being “May I Walk With You?” (featuring a catchy usage of Life Without Buildings “The Leanover” – free download at and “Copulate” (nice title, right? Aaaanyways: Much of his music is available for full perusal and free download at his Bandcamp ( or Soundcloud ( Between reinterpretations of Cocteau Twins, Drake, Rihanna, Gold Panda, Washed Out, Small Black and The Morning Benders, there’s bound to be something for just about anyone. Except Satan. I don’t think he likes music.

Favourite track: Helicopter [Remix of Deerhunter] (… If you listen to the laid-back carelessness of the original, you’ll join me in my fascination of this feat of transfiguration.

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