Mr Twin Sister

vampires-with-dreaming-kids Twin-sister-color

[Mr] Twin Sister are an indie pop quintet hailing from Long Island since 2008. Co-fronted by singer Andrea Estella and guitarist/singer Eric Cardona, they make light-hearted, quirky, ear-catching pleasantries quite unlike other groups in this genre. They’re like that weird new kid from school your mom made you hang out with, who despite your best efforts could still make you laugh. Contrasted amongst most 5+ member bands, Twin Sister are relatively sparing in instrumentation arrangements, using quick tangents of ever-changing motifs to keep each moment distinct and memorable. This setting is accentuated by Estella’s airy, child-like voice that perfectly delivers her left-field melodies and lyrical ideas.

Sticking to the short-and-sweet, Twin Sister has put out 2 robust EPs, 2008’s “Vampires With Dreaming Kids” and 2010’s “Color Your Life”, as well as an enjoyable LP “In Heaven” (in approximate order of preference). Their website ( is a great place to explore the peculiarity and listen to or download much of their stuff for free. Update: They’ve added “Mr” in front of their name, and also added a killer new LP entitled, wouldn’t you know it, “Mr Twin Sister” to their track record – a study in sexy slow jams and funky beats (try “Blush”

Favourite track: I Want A House (… Puts a whole new esoteric insider twist on the tongue-tie “unique New York”.

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