This Will Destroy You

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It will. This Will Destroy You is a Texan instrumental post-rock quartet that started releasing music in 2006. You know how some bands have a name that makes absolutely no sense at all (such as grindcore act The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza)? Well these dudes don’t have that problem. If there’s one theme that permeates their sound, it’s palpable emotional weight. When I listen to their impressive discography, I constantly feel like I’m being slowly crushed from the outside in, as though they are an anchor tied to my chest and the ocean’s insurmountable force is squeezing progressively and relentlessly from all directions. This Will Destroy You have mastered the quintessential requirements of post-rock: pretty, intricate melodic duets, mindful use of effects pedals, brawny crashing crescendos, perfect layering and repetition, as well as a few extra ingredients: ambient overlays and electronic bedazzlements. With tracks ranging from less than 3 to over 12 minutes in duration, each album has a wise arrangement that intermittently allows the listener to the water’s surface for a quick gasp of oxygen, only to be dragged to the depths once more.

This Will Destroy You have released a pile of noteworthy music. Highlights include debut EP “Young Mountain”, perhaps their best work, as well as LPs “This Will Destroy You” and, most recently, “Tunnel Blanket” (regarding the latter, don’t let the cacophonous ending of the first track scare you off… it’s a great album overall). Update: Their latest depth charge, “Another Language”,  just dropped, and it’s as immersive and suffocating as ever (try opener “New Topia”:

Favourite Track: Happiness: We’re All In It Together (… A prime example of their steam-rolling, soul crushing orchestration.

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