Foxes in Fiction

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Foxes in Fiction is the bedroom pop project by young gun Warren Hildebrand, originally from Toronto and now based out of Brooklyn. Following the tragic death of his younger brother, Hildebrand decided to formally rethink and release his home-made tape loops of glitchy ambient experimentalism. Crafting these riffs into disarmingly soothing movements, he hoped to share some of the solace music brought him amongst his family’s unfortunate tragedy. Master of crafting interludes, quiet jams, and ethereal melodies, I think he certainly achieved this goal.

Since 2009, Foxed in Fiction has released LP “Swung From The Branches” and EP “Alberto”, with rumours of a new collaborative album featuring orchestration by Owen Pallett (!). At his endearing website ( you can peer into Hildebrand’s heart of gold and find a batch of free music, visual art, and some of the mixing / mastering jobs he’s done for various like-minded indie artists, many of whom are signed on his label Orchid Tapes ( What a guy. Update: Not all rumours are false – brand new LP “Ontario Gothic”, featuring said accompaniment,  is now available for whatever price you choose (try the title track at

Favourite track: 15 Ativan (… Ahhhhhhh that’s better.

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