Hundred Waters

401193_367362983276232_1988378704_n Hundred-Waters-The-Moon-Rang-Like-A-Bell

Hundred Waters are an indie / electro pop quintet from Gainesville, Florida signed to OWSLA since 2012. Utilizing tasteful restraint, muted drum programming, and a host of ethereal keyboards and wind ensemble scoring, Hundred Waters sets the stage for their silver bullet: singer Nicole Miglis. With a voice that’s thin and attenuated as a wine glass, yet dagger sharp and clear as the night sky, she is the thread that intertwines their sparse and calculated instrumentation, wrapping their sound in a pretty red bow. With melody-harmony work that could melt the coldest of hearts, Miglis will undoubtedly be recruited to join the chamber choir at the pearly gates.

Thus far, Hundred Waters have released 2 excellent LPs, 2012’s self-titled debut and this year’s “The Moon Rang Like A Bell”. They have also released a few remix EPs, with contributions from notable artists such as Star Slinger, Teebs, The Field, and Tim Hecker. To promote their new album, Hundred Waters released a free 6-track bundle available here: What a pleasant bunch.

Favourite track: Murmurs (… Me too.

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