sunbronzedgreekgods dom

Dom is the eponymous project by Massachusetts-based Dominic Cournoyer, piecing together bits of DIY lo-fi indie rock and electro-pop.  The guy’s a bit of a rascal, running his mouth in interviews, belittling background stories of other bands and usually carrying around a can or three of some cheap booze – but one thing’s for sure: this dude knows how to jam. Creating splashes with his debut 2010 EP “Sun Bronzed Greek Gods”, Dom delivered 7 groovy tracks packed with party-appropriated hooks, a healthy dose of Casio keyboard tones, driving guitar lines and voice that exists somewhere between a bratty whine and an anthemic chant. Follow-up 2011 EP “Family of Love” provided another handful of catchy tunes, some of which are his best to date. Apparently Dom is currently working on his debut LP “Sweet & Sour”, featuring Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus. So we’re all going to have to just wait and see about that one.

Favourite track: Damn (… There you have it, folks… straight from the horse’s mouth.

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