The Drums

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The Drums are a an indie-pop band from Brooklyn, formed in 2008 from the ashes of former one-hit-wonder group Elkland. As an aside, I say “one-hit-wonder” because I’ve only heard one song, the killer track “Apart” ( from their sole LP that is literally impossible to find. Anyways, The Drums represent the distilled, oaken-aged whiskey of their former artistic selves, and have since stormed the indie realm with force. Fronted by the fearless, forthright vocalist Jonny Pierce, The Drums are stripped down to a mantra founded upon the absolute fundamentals of songwriting – hooks and words. They get away scot free with phrasing and chord progressions from dead center of the beaten path, which the modern listener, swimming in the current sea of musical eccentricity, welcomes as a breath of fresh, familiar air. An ice-cold, glass bottled Coca-Cola. With the weight of their merit resting heavily on the sturdy, personable voice of Pierce, there’s the perfect amount of air-tight background instrumentation in the form of classic, formulated structure to complement his demeanor. For those that like The Drums, it’s love at first sight.

In the last 5 years, The Drums have put out 3 top-notch releases. Debut EP “Summertime!” is a near album-length set of surf rock jingles, perfectly suited for its eponymous exclamation. Follow up LPs include a self-titled expansion on a similar beach-themed vibe (arguably their best, also named NME’s Album of the Year), as well as 2012’s “Portamento”, a darker and more introspective delicacy. Update: LP #3 “Encyclopedia” has now dropped – it provides a welcomed revisitation to their upbeat, eat-your-heart-out selves (try standout “I Hope Time Doesn’t Change Him”:

Favourite Track: Book of Stories (… and “I Felt Stupid”… and “Down By The Water”… and “Money”… and “Days”. Oh and “Make You Mine”. And now “U.S. National Park” and “Wild Geese” too. Ok I’ll stop.

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