500_1372655928_858245ffcbc0e15c5c8ec8180d04c09a PARTYNEXTDOOR-Two

PARTYNEXTDOOR is Toronto-based indie R&B artist Jahron Brathwaite, signed to Drake’s OVO label since 2013. Brathwaite creates dark, minimalistic R&B that’s at once unassuming and understated, yet forthright and confident. He knows his strengths and presents them in a neat, tightly-wrapped package.  Sampling acts like Disclosure, Gold Panda and Holy Other, it’s apparent Brathwaite believes in independent music, celebrating and accentuating his contemporaries with tasteful melody and silky smooth voice that puts a fresh, sexy twist on things. For fans of The Weeknd’s excellent debut mixtape “House of Balloons”, their only release prior to the rather unfortunate departure of Abel Tesfaye’s magician-producer Zodiac, PARTYNEXTDOOR is the next closest thing since. As though he picked up their pieces and kept running.

Pictured above are his 2 releases to date: last year’s self-titled mixtape and follow-up LP “Two”. Both feature memorable contributions from boss man Drake.

Favourite track: Persian Rugs (free download here:… these days the saying should be “Sex, Drugs & R&B”. Actually, it should always have been that way.

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