Ryan Hemsworth

Ryan-Hemsworth-Still-Awake ryan-hemsworth-alone-for-the-first-time

Ryan Hemsworth is a Canadian producer and electro artist originally from Halifax. Initially focused on his production work and remixes, Hemsworth recently found a bounding stride in original composition. Like contemporaries Four Tet and Dan Snaith of Manitoba / Caribou, Hemsworth uses a plethora of organic instrumentation, major key signatures, and vocal timbres of a springtime songbird wrapped snugly in a down-filled duvet. Every song is meticulously wrought and gorgeously mixed, giving rise to some of the most pleasant and approachable tunes in the genre.

Of his works to date, I particularly recommend his 2013 EP “Still Awake” and this year’s “Alone For The First Time”, the latter featuring a few noteworthy vocal performances. Debut LP “Guilt Trips” is also worth a gander. As somewhat of a side note, one-off collaborative track “Cream Soda” (free download here: https://soundcloud.com/ryanhemsworth/cream-soda-with-tomggg) with Japan’s Tomggg offers a delicious gateway into his side kick’s polished style (lots of free stuff at https://soundcloud.com/tomggg).

Favourite track: Perfectly (http://youtu.be/dGrX9_4C8j4)… What a nice thought!

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