copeland-you-are-my-sunshine 51n11NmAOUL

Copeland is a 4-piece indie rock band fronted by transcendental singer/pianist Aaron Marsh and a host of semi-temporary backing members. Formed in Florida circa 2000, Copeland had a career fraught with financial struggle and record company mishaps, ultimately leading to them throwing in the towel a decade later. I considered their disbanding a true shame, as their 2008 LP “You Are My Sunshine” is one of the most emotionally raw, unadulterated, devastating pieces of art I’ve experienced. With a muse’s voice, refreshing song structures comprised of a host of analog keyboards like rhodes/organ/mellotron, string arrangements, intricately weaved bass lines, perfectly accentuated guitar, and warm, full, non-intrusive drumming, they were definitely at their artistic best. Fast forward 6 years, Copeland decided to reunite, forgo the music industry, record their gorgeous new album “Ixora” in Marsh’s The Vanguard Room studio, and self-release the physical media. Turned my frown upside-down.

Over their existence, Copeland have released 6 LPs, each with its own merit, but none as magnificent as “You Are My Sunshine” and its complimentary EP “The Grey Man”. Also check out this year’s “Ixora”, the natural extension of their sensational sound (try “Ordinary”:

Favourite track: Chin Up (… Somehow builds and collapses all at once.

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