Bear in Heaven

bear-in-heaven_beast-rest-forth-mouth 1330525796_cover

Bear in Heaven are an electro-rock group based out of Brooklyn, fronted by keyboardist/singer Jon Philpot since 2003. Along the same vein as acts like Animal Collective and Panda Bear, these guys are both uncanny and catchy. You find yourself not really understanding fully what’s going on, but liking it all the same. A friend introduced me to Bear in Heaven in 2007, after the release of their critical breakthrough “Beast Rest Forth Mouth” (don’t ask… because I don’t know). After half-listening to a part of the opening track, I gave it the ol’ “meh” and tossed it aside like a thoughtless kill-joy. It wasn’t until I heard their single of 2012’s LP “I Love You, It’s Cool” (posted below) that my tympanic membrane did double take, giving the attention their distinct, unabashed style deserved. Boasting  mishmashed, mesmerizing chants of dependent clauses, marching beats, noisy electronics, and about a million keyboard mods I’ve never heard otherwise, Bear in Heaven demand to be experienced.

Notable releases include 3 LPs, the two mentioned above being solid collections of idiosyncrasy (if I had to pick, I’d recommend starting with “I Love You, It’s Cool”). Update: Their latest LP “Time Is Over One Day Old” came out earlier this year, and now that I’ve taken the 43 minutes to actually sit down and give it a dedicated listen, I can vouch for it as a pleasant and peculiar listen, as per usual for Bear in Heaven (try their live rendition of “They Dream”:

Favourite track: Reflection of You (… A real banger of a tune.

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