James Holden

43607461 the-inheritors-james-holden

James Holden is a British experimental electro artists and DJ who releases through his own Border Community label. An Oxford mathematician by study, Holden is at the forefront of the movement that has given rise to the esthetically-brilliant UK electronic music of the last decade. As with contemporaries Four Tet, Jon Hopkins, Lone, and Burial, Holden is truly in a stratosphere of his own, with some of the most organic, hypnotic, immersive and truly perplexing sonic palates out there. Listening to his music is like watching a stop-motion fast-forward video of the evolution of species; his creations arise as an ill-defined swamp teeming with a thousand erratic movements, every second the sonic order gaining direction and purpose, organizing thoughts into coordinated movements, until the beast emerges fiery eyed and brawny, intellectualizing and experimenting until it becomes something wholly unique, an apex predator.

Since his 1999 debut, Holden has amassed an astonishing collection of mixes, remixes, full lengths and EPs. Being partial to original works, I find his 2 LPs “The Idiots Are Winning” and 2013’s “The Inheritors” to be crucial elements of the rapidly expanding repertoire of the British electro scene. He’s also crafted dozens of remixes for artists like Radiohead, Luke Abbott, Mogwai and even Brittney Spears and Madonna (try his version of Nathan Fake’s “The Sky Was Pink”: http://youtu.be/_voht-3HKvA).

Favourite track: The Inheritors (http://youtu.be/EdL_xPt7Mt0)… cower-inducing.

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