Hot Chip

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Hot Chip are a 5-piece electro pop band from London, England. Alongside acts like Wolf Parade and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, Hot Chip were at the outset immediately recognizable from their unconventional writing style, bizarre vocal work, and strangely honest lyrical content. Nevertheless, Hot Chip know exactly who they are and present themselves as is – no frills and bare naked for all to see. With their iconic 2004 debut LP “Coming on Strong”, Hot Chip are an undeniable keystone in the modern popularization of indie music. They keep it real, touching on topics like Kraft Dinner, yearning to own a shining Escalade, half and full nelson head locks, wanting to be looked after, and fearing the dangers of the outside world. Synth-heavy at their foundation, Hot Chip combine quirky, at at times straight-up goofy sounds that form the basis of their strangely endearing, relatable and endlessly replayable sound. At the helm is singer Alexis Taylor, a short and nerdy-looking whiz, holding down their style with his frail, thin voice that quivers and flows like a whispered confessions passing through a keyhole. As a whole, this is a rare story of a few suburban white dudes who tried their luck at soul-inspired tunes, tinkering with cheap keyboard presets and wannabe upstart convictions until they somehow pulled it off.

Over the last decade, Hot Chip have released an astonishing 5 LPs and a hoard of EPs, mixes and remixes. Their first two albums, “Coming on Strong” and 2006’s “The Warning” feature some of their most classic songs and I believe represent the best of their writing.  Following LPs “Made in the Dark”, “One Life Stand” and “In Our Heads” are also worth a listen, each featuring a number of standouts.

Favourite track: Take Care (… Baby, what you got?

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