Ford & Lopatin / Games

ford_lopatin_channel_pressure Games-That-We-Can-Play

Games (now “Ford & Lopatin” due to the litigious corporate mess the music industry has become) are an East Coast American electropop duo. A spinoff collaborative love affair, Games is comprised of vocalist Joel Ford, also recognized for his disco-infused NYC group Tigercity, and perhaps the better known of the two, Brooklyn producer Daniel Lopatin of the superb noise / ambient project Oneohtrix Point Never. Armed with a myriad of triumphant retro synth sounds, Games specialize in cheesy throw-back pop tunes that pay unabashed sonic and lyrical devotion to the very technology they craft with. Using laser noises, 8-bit sprinklings, 80’s style drum programming and passionate, sometimes downright sexy vocal work, they’re experts at pretending to be a band from 30 years prior pretending to be a band from now. It’s like a good actor doing a good job of playing a bad actor trying to be a good one, if you, ah, know what I’m saying. Just watch this – they illustrate the concept more clearly (

It’s been a mo’ since Games have put out anything new so I’m not quite sure if they’re still active or not. Regardless, they’ve provided us with a hearty EP “That We Can Play” and an unreasonably catchy LP “Channel Pressure” that I often find myself singing in the shower ad nauseam.

Favourite track: Break Inside (… When I fall I asleep I leave the TTTTVVVV onnnnn. Lines like that.

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