High Highs

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High Highs are an Australian indie pop duo comprised of Jack Milas and Oli Chang.

When I put on High Highs, more times than not someone in the room asks, “Who is this?”. Considering how often I get hazed for my musical taste and allegedly poor ability to match genre to the intercurrent social atmosphere, I always cringe when posed with this question. However, in these rare occasions it’s the disarming, carefree nature of High Highs’ that’s tantalized genuine curiosity. Between the reverb-drenched guitar lines, nimbus cloud voices, and muted, immersive production style, they are indeed one of the most pleasant and unassuming acts around.

In the last few years, High Highs have released excellent LP “Open Season” and a recent 3-song EP entitled “Ocean to City” in preparation of a follow-up album due sometime in the near future. You can listen to / download much of their stuff for free at their Bandcamp (http://highhighsmusic.bandcamp.com/).

Favourite track: Flowers Bloom (http://youtu.be/8sN_jOa7DRM)… And you thought I had bad taste!

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