Pantha du Prince

8000000092_1000 black-noise-50fa2a993242b-1

Pantha du Prince is the moniker of German electro producer Hendrik Weber, extant since the early 2000s. Drawing from house, minimal, techno and ambient, Weber infuses dance-oriented foundations with organic overlays of analog percussion and a host of idiophonic instrumentation. The resultant product is a meditative, solemn journey into blackness. His beats and ambiance form a cavernous void like the mouth of a shaft cave, with field samples providing the tinkering and dripping of salt and mineral-infused water that echoes  amongst hostile, distorted sonic speleothems. As you lower yourself deeper into the chasm, you feel the cold, shimmering brilliance of crystaline lattices conjured into existence from a breadth of bells and chimes resonating in combative harmony.

To date, Pantha du Prince has released 4 LPs, my favourites being 2007’s “This Bliss” and 2010’s “Black Noise” pictured above. After the latter, Weber commissioned 9 artists to remix 4 tracks and collected them as the enjoyable “IX Versions of Black Noise”, a compilation with remarkable flow and cohesiveness. Kicking out all the jams, his most recent work “Elements of Light” is a 45-minute orchestral collaborative effort with Norway’s The Bell Laboratory. For those more inclined to 4-on-the-floor drive, I’d recommend Weber’s debut “Diamond Daze”.

Favourite track: Im Bann (… buuuuut that one’s kind of scary, so also try Welt Am Draht (

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