sohn-tremors-RS-cover SOHN-Bloodflows

SOHN is British indie R&B producer Christopher Taylor, releasing music under label 4AD since 2012. Previously known as Trouble Over Tokyo, Taylor abandoned his upbeat electro-pop leanings, stripping away the stylistic candy coating to reveal a smooth, inky core. Combining dark, gritty synths with minimalistic, shape-shifting beats and voice delivered both pure and doctered, SOHN exists in a laboratory where post-dub production meets falsetto-propelled, lovelorn vocal melody. WIth a simple creative palate, SOHN wrings out every shimmering drop, brilliantly weaving notions into an enveloping blanket of emotion and drive. Over the last few years, he’s nestled nicely into the sonic arena shared with aspects of Active Child, How To Dress Well, James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Rhye and Movement, to name a few.

SOHN has thus far generated one gorgeous LP “Tremors”, and a handful of other originals collected mainly as B-sides. In addition, he’s produced tracks for various acts such as Kwabs, Lana Del Rey and BANKS, remixed Disclosure and Wild Beasts, and hosted the prestigious Residency show on BBC Radio 1 for much of 2014 (lots to hear at

Favourite track: Lessons (… Lessons learned, bridges burned.

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