Chaz Bundick (Toro y Moi, Les Sins)

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Chaz Bundick is an artist and producer based out of South Caroline with a split musical personality, featuring acts Toro y Moi and Les Sins since the late 2000s. As when donning a pair of pants, let’s just take these one leg at a time.

Toro y Moi started as a DIY bedroom project, featuring blissed-out, soft-edge, guitar-laced, sample-heavy jams with lo-fi production quality and 4-on-the-floor bass kicks that cross-activated a compressor, giving rise to the wave-like repetitive attack-and-decay sound that became known as “chillwave”. Alongside friend and collaborator Ernest Greene of Washed Out, Toro y Moi is indeed another poster child of chillwave, delivering his genre-defining 2010 debut LP “Causers of This” and a handful of remixes that permeated the internet like the smell of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. When “Causers of This” was released, I simply couldn’t get enough of it – with endless playability, layed-back vibes, medium tempo beats, and Bundick’s endearing falsetto sincerity, it makes a perfect summertime jam. Since then, Toro y Moi has expanded to a 4-piece group leaning more towards funk-infused indie rock and released 2 other notable LPs “Underneath the Pine” and “Anything in Return”. Update: New Toro y Moi album “What For?” out now – good ol’ fashioned indie rock done right (try fresh jam “Buffalo”).

Les Sins is his secret weapon side kick moniker that focuses more on beat-driven dance music. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that these 2 projects were of the same mastermind – Les Sins originally being a faceless and elusive entity found solely by a link on Bundick’s Toro y Moi Myspace page in 2009. Since “Causers of This”, Bundick’s work as Les Sins has become a favourite, with some of his very best beats and hooks to date. With a little digging around, one can find a batch of killer early Les Sins tracks, such as his remix of Cubic Zirconia ( EPs “Lina”, “Fetch / Taken”, “Grind / Prelims” and this year’s brand-new debut LP “Michael” all are packed with head-bobbing, hip shaking gold. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also find Bundick as a featured vocalist and/or producer on a number of indie and electronic tracks, my favourite being Nosaj Thing’s “Try” (

Favourite Toro y Moi track: Thanks Vision (… Classic chillwave.
Favourite Les Sins track: Bother (… but really most of them are amazing.