Nosaj Thing

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Nosaj Thing is American producer and electro whiz Jason Chung. People who have experienced near-death hypothermia describe slowing cognition, drowsiness, and an ominous surge of warmth through the extremities as the body begins to decompensate. I imagine this state as the playground in which Nosaj Thing crafts his music. With chilled, sedated, down-tempo beats, hallucinogenic hints at melody, and weighted layering of ambience, you’ll still find a strange comfort among the unease. He seamlessly weaves shape-shifting vocal utterances, pulsing urgency esthetic, and haunting synth works that keep you looking over your shoulder.

Since his 2006 debut EP “Views/Octopus”, Nosaj Thing has kept an even pace, releasing two excellent LPs: 2009’s “Drift” and 2012’s “Home”. In addition, 8 tracks from “Drift” were reinterpreted as “Drift Remixed” by heavy-hitting electro artists such as Jon Hopkins, Jamie xx, Teebs, Dorian Concept, and Dntel from The Postal Service, among others. This all-star lineup, and the important decision to have each song remixed only once, makes for a thoroughly enjoyable and endlessly playable feature. Besides putting out killer albums, Nosaj Thing produces for the likes of Kid Cudi and Kendrick Lamar, runs his own label Timetable, destroys live (watched this about 20 times:, and does a fantastic job of remixing tracks for acts like Radiohead, Drake, Flying Lotus, and most recently Jon Hopkins ( Update: Just finished giving brand-new LP “Fated” the ol’ once through – it’s a pleasant batch of deep-cutting diddlies well worth a gander (get lost in “Let You”).

Favourite track: Try (featuring Toro y Moi): (… Like a giant icicle plummeting straight through you heart.